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Making a Difference for Our Customers: Our Professional Services


Roll-Out &


We bring more than 30 years of engineering experience in a variety of industries and projects. A sample list of recent projects:

  • 2005-06 Large Beverage process

  • 2006-07 QA system at Biotech Co.

  • 2009-13 Construction of new dairy

  • 2010-11 Water Treatment plant

  • 2011-19 Deployment of large            
                   VersionDog systems

  • 2013-16 Energy Management at        
                  major beverage plants

  • 2017-19 Supervision and project 
                  management of automation



Customers of software offered by the company requires a variety of services:

  • Customer training at different levels, including Hebrew training material.

  • Software configuration per customer profile and requirements.

  • First-line support of software.

Since 2005, the company was involved
in software roll-outs in the Biotech,   
Dairy, Brewery, Chemical and Material industries in Israel. 


Project Engineering & Management

The company has always been involved in automation and energy-related projects. We offer the following services: 

  • Hardware/software specification at all levels (URS to FDS)

  • contract negotiations with Israeli and foreign suppliers

  • Automation system design and testing

  • Personnel training and implementation
    of standards and regulations (such as S88/S95, 21CFR part 11 of the FDA, IEC62138 standard and others).
















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