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Updates on Our Latest News

The increased awareness to quality and energy efficiency in the Israeli market brings us more and more news.
See below some of the latest developments. Please c
ontact us for more information.

VersionDog FDA/GxP in Large Pharma Company   


 A major global producer of pharmaceutical products has completed deployment of the VersionDog GxP to manage and document changes of the PLCs in its main production facility. The GxP version imposes stringent Change Control requirements and provides unique Audit Trail capabilities. 

July 1,  2019

Traffic/Tunnel Control System to Become Operation    


 Final commissioning and testing of a large scale Traffic Control project has been completed. The project, designed as high availability and safety-related, utilizes the most advanced hardware and software. The company has been involved in this project for the past 3 years.  

April 8,  2019

Upgrade of Water Treatment Facility Completed    


 Major upgrade to a water treatment facility in a beverage plant has been completed. The company has managed the project and generated its Process and Automation Functional Specification documents 

Feb 14,  2019

Providing Services to a Major Industrial Customer    


 The company was hired to provide project engineering and supervision of process automation projects at a large industrial customer.  

Sep 17,  2018

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