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Our Product Offering


SPEC Automation is the distributor and sales partner for these leading software packages:

VDOG SCreen.png

Life cycle management and automatic backup of automation software/data:

  • Version management for PLC,Robots, HMI, NC and numerous automation equiment

  • Smart Compares and recorded changes allows easy traceablity and retrieval of hystorical software and data.

  • Supports all major PLC brands.


  • Automatic backups of software and data facilitates Disaster Recovery.

  • Elaborate User Management allows plant personnel different degrees of use.

  • Extensive Management Reporting capability.

  • Minimal use of outside Editors.

A set of tools that elevates automation software to new levels of quality: 

  • In line with requirements of IEC 62138. 

  • PLC-Checker allows development of Company Rule Set for PLC Software Development.

  • Performs analysis of PLC software and identifies Rule violations by developer.

  • Provides statistics and measurements in order to induce improvements in quality. 

  • Handles development issues such as: Variable handling, maintainability, structure, complexity and degree of modularity.

  • DOC-GEN generates Variable and Procedure Relation schemes to support high level of PLC documentation

  • Both tools supports all major PLC brands.

Lightapp application.png

Energy management focused on efficient production/consumption of plant utilities

  • Data collection from wide variety of meters and control systems

  • Aggregation and reporting of energy data

  • Performance analysis of energy proroduction 

  • Performance analysis of electric energy consumers (Chillers, Air compressors etc.)


  • Analysis results are basis for Efficiency improvements and new investments 

  • Interface to production management systems.

  • Allocation of direct and indirect energy costs per unit of production.

  • Trigger of production line eficciency measures.


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